CATEGORY: Empowering Champions

SEL for the 21st Century Student

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Course Overview

Take a deep dive into the essential competencies of Social-Emotional Learning and its ability to enhance equity for students. Participants will learn the building blocks of SEL to assist in building a personal toolbox of skills that will be instrumental in supporting the development of an annual SEL implementation plan for their professional portfolio.


Essential Question:


How can I help develop my students’ emotional IQ by fostering SEL in my classroom?

Learning Objectives:

  • I will be able to identify the five SEL Competencies and their impacts, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • I will be able to understand how to implement and foster SEL with students.
  • I will be able to design an implementation plan to embed  SEL strategies in my curriculum.

Danielson Framework:

  • 1. Planning and Preparation
  • 3. Instruction
  • 4. Professional Responsibilities

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