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5 Proven Practices that Help Close the Achievement Gap

November 15, 2021 BRANDON CLAYTON

5 Proven Practices that Help Close the Achievement Gap...

The National Education Association defines achievement gaps as “the differences in academic performance between groups of students of different backgrounds.” They expla.........

Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning

October 25, 2021 Jaci Fong

Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning...

Curriculum standards, school district guidelines, and educational technology are constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for educators to keep up with the best p.........

Reducing Cheating in Online Learning

July 6, 2021 Jaci Fong

Reducing Cheating in Online Learning...

Academic honesty is one of the core values of the American educational system. From Pre-K to Ph.D., it’s essential that students, pupils, and learners do their own work.........

Supporting SEL for Non Native Speakers in the Classroom

May 25, 2021 Jaci Fong

Supporting SEL for Non Native Speakers in the Classroom...

Every student brings unique social and emotional challenges into the classroom. As educators, it’s important to be open and receptive to students’ emotional needs. That.........

Growing Your Emotional IQ

April 24, 2021 Jaci Fong

Growing Your Emotional IQ...

Growing Your Emotional IQ
Do you notice when a student is feeling listless, anxious, or depressed? How do you handle on.........

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Meghna Juneja

Effective Math Tutoring

Clerisy Architect: Brandon Clayton Length: 30 minutes Danielson Framework: 1 ( Planning and Preparation) & 3 (Instruction) Workshop Description: Want to make an impact on student growth in mathematics? Join Brandon Clayton as he explores best practices for leveraging questioning and strategically planning for tutoring sessions in order to get

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Meghna Juneja

Cultural Competence in Music Instruction

Clerisy Architect: Jason Roth Length of Workshop: 60 minutes Danielson Framework: 1 (Planning and Preparation), 3 (Instruction) & 4 (Professional Responsibilities) Workshop Description: Participants in this course will discover ways to incorporate culturally relevant teaching practices and strategies in their music classrooms. These strategies will provide equity and inclusiveness to

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Meghna Juneja

Stages of Childhood Development

Clerisy Architect: Hayley Spira-Bauer Length of Workshop: 75 minutes Danielson Framework: 1 (Planning & Preparation) & 4 (Professional Responsibilities) Workshop Description: As students grow, educators need to develop and adapt their strategies to meet the changing needs of their students. Identify the cognitive characteristics of development that influence learning at

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Meghna Juneja

Helping Students Overcome Math Phobia

Clerisy Architect: Brandon Clayton Length of Workshop: 60 minutes Danielson Framework: 1 (Planning and Preparation) & 4 (Professional Responsibilities) Workshop Description: join long-time mathematics educator Brandon Clayton while he explores the essential question, ” What strategies can help both educators and students overcome math phobia?” Learn more about where math phobia is

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Choosing Diverse Literature to Increase Reading Achievement in Students of Color

Clerisy Architect: Kim Peterz-Dent Length of Workshop: 60 minutes Workshop Description: How can teachers cultivate an inclusive learning environment for students of color through literature? Culturally responsive teaching provides a window for students to see themselves within the context of the content being taught. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to

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Generative Vocabulary Instruction

Clerisy Architect: Debbie Godsen DePalma Length of Workshop:  60 minutes Publications Highlighted: GENERATIVE VOCABULARY INSTRUCTION Elfrieda H. Hiebert TextProject and University of California, Santa Cruz P. David Pearson University of California, Berkeley;;Unique Words Require Unique Instruction Teaching Words in Stories and Informational Books Elfrieda H. Hiebert TextProject & University of California, Santa

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Literacy Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom

Clerisy Architect: Michael Hughson Length of Workshop: 60 minutes Publications Highlighted: Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, by D. Buehl (2014, 4th Ed.); Texts and Lessons for Content-area Reading, by H. Daniels & N, Stieneke (2011); Comprehending Math: Adapting Reading Strategies to Teach Mathematics, by A. Hyde (2006) Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instruction) Workshop Description:  Literacy strategies

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