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5 Proven Practices that Help Close the Achievement Gap

November 15, 2021 BRANDON CLAYTON

5 Proven Practices that Help Close the Achievement Gap...

The National Education Association defines achievement gaps as “the differences in academic performance between groups of students of different backgrounds.” They expla.........

Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning

October 25, 2021 Jaci Fong

Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning...

Curriculum standards, school district guidelines, and educational technology are constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for educators to keep up with the best p.........

Reducing Cheating in Online Learning

July 6, 2021 Jaci Fong

Reducing Cheating in Online Learning...

Academic honesty is one of the core values of the American educational system. From Pre-K to Ph.D., it’s essential that students, pupils, and learners do their own work.........

Supporting SEL for Non Native Speakers in the Classroom

May 25, 2021 Jaci Fong

Supporting SEL for Non Native Speakers in the Classroom...

Every student brings unique social and emotional challenges into the classroom. As educators, it’s important to be open and receptive to students’ emotional needs. That.........

Growing Your Emotional IQ

April 24, 2021 Jaci Fong

Growing Your Emotional IQ...

Growing Your Emotional IQ
Do you notice when a student is feeling listless, anxious, or depressed? How do you handle on.........

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Teaching Outside the Norm

Clerisy Architect: Sabina Atic Length of Workshop: 60 Minutes Publications Highlighted: Jane Arnold, Herbert Puchta, and Mario Rinvolucri: Imagine That, Cambridge University Press 2007; Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta, Scott Thornbury, Cambridge University Press 2007; Didier Anzieu: Psychoanalysis and Language. Paderborn 1982.; Marie-Louise Aucher: L’Homme sonore. Paris 1977, 2004.; Richard Batz, Waltraud Bufe: Modern language teaching

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Cultural and Instructional Considerations for the English Language Learner

Clerisy Architect: Dr. Yvette Ramos Length of Publication: 60 minutes Danielson Framework: Domain 2 (Classroom Environment) & Domain 3 (Instruction) Workshop Description: Supporting English Language Learners and keeping them in mind when designing instruction can be challenging, especially when preparing for questioning and scaffolded instruction.  In this session, we will cover the considerations

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Strategies for Scaffolding Instruction for ELLS in Content Classroom

Clerisy Architect: Richard Atkins Length of Workshop: 60 minutes Publications Highlighted: Anticipation guide. Retrieved from:; Billings, Elsa & Walquí, Aida. Topic brief 5: dispelling the myth of “english only”: understanding the importance of the first language in second language learning. New York State Education Department. Retrieved from:; Cox, Carol. Creating timelines. Retrieved from:

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Teaching and Developing Reading Skills

Clerisy Architect: Sabina Atic Length of Workshop: 60 Minutes Publications Highlighted: Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, Series Editor Scott Thornbury, Teaching and Developing Reading Skills, Cambridge University Press., Teaching and Developing Reading Skills P. Watkins  Cambridge University Press 2017., Developing Reading Skills: A Practical Guide to Reading Comprehension Exercises By Frangoise Grellet, Grellett,

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