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iTutor Applicant FAQ

iTutor Applicant FAQ

A: You will need to register separately with Clerisy. If you are an iTutor Applicant you can create an account here. 

A: Congratulations – you passed your demo lesson!

  • You will receive an email with information to complete your paperwork shortly.

    Get the ball rolling by:
  • Creating Your iTutor LMS Account
  • Create your iTutor LMS username & password here. (*Please do not create more than one account. Use the password reset or email if you are having difficulty accessing your account)
  • Click the “Register” tab
  • Select the “Educator” icon
  •  Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Cell Phone Number, and Zip Code
  •  Enter the OTP (one-time password) in the boxes that appear, which will be sent to the cell phone number you provided
  • Complete your LMS profile by uploading a copy of your personal resume and certifications, as well as confirming the grade levels and subjects you are qualified to teach.
  • Add your iTutor LMS username to your Clerisy profile here.
  • Confirm you have completed all previous steps here by posting the following statement in the “Verify Your Account” forum
  • “YOUR NAME – My iTutor LMS Account has been created & updated in my Clerisy Profile.”
  • You will need to review the New iTutor Educator Guidelines found here.
    • Please note: You will not have access to the Assignment Opportunity Board until you have completed your paperwork and reviewed orientation materials (more information on this will be provided).

A: You can reset your password by accessing the  Account button on the top right on our website and select “Lost your password?” found at the bottom of the window.

A: Please check your spam folder. If it is not located in your spam folder attempt to verify the email you are using was the same one used to create your account. If your account was created by your school administrator, be sure to check your school email account.

A: You can try moving closer to your router or plugging into it directly using an ethernet cable to try and receive a better signal. If that doesn’t help, you may need to reach out to your Internet Service Provider for support on how to improve your signal.

A: Please allow up to two days (during business hours) to receive your request and create your virtual classroom, so that you may begin your lesson.

Click on your virtual classroom link, indicated by your first initial, last name (surname), date, and the time of your scheduled demo.

Make sure that your last name matches the name you put in your profile.

(note: this is case sensitive)

if you’re still having trouble contact

 It takes about 24 hours for a recording to be ready to view.

After you have recorded your lesson, you will return to your application and click on the demo link you originally used.

This should bring up a page where it will let you review your class.

You may need to have your pop up blocker disabled in order to see it.

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