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Premium Account FAQs

  • Licensed educators, foundational support team members, and tutors. 
  • Also, aspiring educators will greatly benefit from our PRAXIS workshops, created in partnership with Kathleen Jasper.

Fill out the Speak to a Team Member Today on the School Pd Solutions page. A member of the team will reach out to help you create a plan that best fits your needs and design a contract to be paid via check.

A paid account is required for any faculty or staff member you would like to receive reporting on through your school dashboard.

Your personal dashboard is customizable to include essential information toward your implementation goals. The enrolled users will be organized into a cohort(s) where you can view, set scheduled email reports, and sort individual user data on the following:

    • Individual Course Progress
    • Course Enrollment & Completion
    • Certifications Earned
    • Daily Usage
    • User Activity

An administrator will be assigned to your school or organization. This admin will be able to enroll and manage users as needed. Once a new user is enrolled, they will receive an email notification providing them with their username and a link to set up their password. The guided tour will introduce the user to the content and features of Clerisy PD.

The registered administrator for your school or organization will have access to the request form on the main menu once logged in to their Clerisy account.

Event Type


(up to 99 participants)

Standard Faculty Workshop


Premium Faculty Workshop*


Customized Full Faculty Workshop


*Each additional 50 participants: additional charge of $100

*Workshop part of a specialized series.

 A course will be made on the Clerisy platform accessible to only your enrolled faculty. Here all materials, the live event link, surveys, and required activities will be available for participants. This will allow your school to set expectations and goals for the event along with important materials only available to your enrolled faculty.

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