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Demo Lesson Requirements

  •  The lesson you create must be 10-15 minutes.
  •  You must wear headphones (this will help ensure that your audio is clear)
  •   It can be any grade level and topic of your choosing, within your certification area.
  •   Utilize tutors’ T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S. Instructional Model 

Include these components within your lesson:

  1.  A Quick Verbal Introduction
    1. Tell us more about you, why you want to be an iTutor Educator, and your strengths as an educator!’
  2.   A Welcome Slide
  3.  An Agenda that includes an 
    1. Essential Question
    2. Lesson Objective
    3. And an outline of Lesson Activities  (see sample agenda in resources section )  
  4. An Exit Ticket 


Don’t Forget to Wear Headphones!





Tools and Resources to Support You in Preparing For Your Lesson:

Sample Agendas

Demo Checklist

Verify Completion of Demo Lesson

  1. After completing your Demo Lesson, click the link above (activity title) to alert the team that your submission is ready for review, or to notify them of any issues that may have arisen, by copying and pasting one of the following statements:
    1.  My Demo Lesson is complete and ready for review!
    2. I require assistance in completing my Demo Lesson.

Once completed, you will hear back from a team member shortly with the results of your submission or support you in resolving any concerns.

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