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Clerisy Architect FAQs

Great question! We believe all students deserve high quality education and that begins with teachers. Clerisy is designed as a place for teachers across the country to learn from one another while showcasing their incredible talents!

Educators can earn additional income with Clerisy in four ways.

1. Design a professional development workshop – $300

2. Write an informative blog – $75

3. Create social media post – $10

4. Access teaching & tutoring opportunities on your schedule with, Clerisy’s parent company. (view opportunities here)

  1. You may use a previously created professional development, instructional strategy or lesson plan and build a workshop to support other teachers in implementing new ideas!
  2. A workshop includes:
    1. Presentation slides
    2. Audio or visual recording of presentation
    3. Interactive check points for understanding
    4. Summative assessment

View specifics about the opportunities and submit your proposal ideas here. Once your proposal is approved a Clerisy PD specialist will provide you access to the submission portal to share your work.

Working with Clerisy PD is a 1099 independent contractor opportunity. You will not be an employee by Clerisy PD or Unless your employer has an established policy that prohibits outside employment while you are on a paid or unpaid leave of absence then you are welcome to submit content with Clerisy. 

  1. Absolutely, we are all teachers at Clerisy and we do not what you to recreate the wheel! All content hosted on Clerisy remains the property of the creator and may be used outside of the platform as they see fit.

Please do! At Clerisy we are all about educators supporting each other and raising each other up. In your course you will have the opportunity to showcase your websites & brand as an option for participants to stop by and visit.

Yes, Yes and YES! One way to build up others in our space is to give them opportunities to shine. Clerisy has a referral process when one educator nominates another who completes a workshop they earn $50!

    • Expand your resume
    • Earn hours towards your licensure renewal
    • Supplement your income
    • Did we mention you get compensated?!


Clerisy is defined as “a class of educated people” and its origin comes from ancient Greece.

  1. In addition to working with Clerisy, you can also work as an educator on our instructional platform tutoring and teaching students for more information visit
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