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Professional Development Reinvented for the Modern Educator

Clerisy, “A Class Of Educated People”.

What We Do

Clerisy is a 360 continuum offering within a versatile online platform designed for schools and Educators.
It is our mission to empower Educators through innovative, diversified and robust professional development.

Classic instructional best practices tailored for online, classroom, and blended learning instruction.

Immersive, asynchronous workshops designed to help Educators develop resources for instructional impact in the classroom, and beyond.

Educator-led topics, units of study, and areas of need to address the dynamic challenges of working with students in today’s global classroom configurations.

Getting Started


Educator Accounts

On-demand access to the course catalog, tracking of hours earned, and full access to all workshop resources.


School Accounts​

Individual subscriptions for faculty members aligned with school initiatives through an administrator dashboard. ​

Our Workshop Offerings

Instructional Best Practices

Educational initiatives and trends are dynamic over time. Continuous learning for Educators is essential to stay abreast of current educational trends. Throughout this category, workshops will highlight instruction that deepens student understanding and promotes metacognition through thoughtful and impactful classroom practices.

Content Design and Implementation

Workshops in this category are focused on promoting strong student outcomes through high-quality instruction and student-centered activities. By learning to shift the ownership of learning from a teacher-led classroom to inquiry-based, requires robust planning and profound content knowledge.

Student Supports

Instructional best practices are designed to meet the needs of all students. The differentiation strategies explored in this category support student-centered instruction so all students can meet high-expectations and rigorous course standards.

Virtual Pedagogy in Practice

Delivering content through the use of an interactive whiteboard requires specialized instructional strategies. This category explores the required digital competency and foundational pedagogy to promote individualized student-centered learning one-on-one and methods for implementing collaborative group work in small group settings.

English Language Learners

As students progress through the five stages of language acquisition, it is important to provide scaffolded instruction to help learners build fluency and confidence. Workshops in this category are designed to assist Educators in developing best practices for scaffolding instruction while students move through the learning continuum.

Instructional Technology Shorts

New instructional technologies are developed and released to enhance Educator instruction and support student learning every day. Each month will highlight the educational benefits and features of a digital educational resource designed to enhance Educational practices. *These shorts do not count towards Continuing Education Credits.

The Clerisy Promise


Personalized instruction for today’s learnersin the classroom and onlinein collaboration with outstanding teachers.


Instructional best practices grounded in research and current educational pedagogy to promote professional growth.


Immersive workshops counting towards state Educator licensure, with the added bonus of entrepreneurial opportunities.

What Our Educators Are Saying

I just watched the mini lesson PD and first of all, thanks! In my 25+ years of teaching that was one of the best, if not THE best, PD's I've ever experienced. It was both entertaining and informative!
Bonnie Franz
Dual-Certified English and Special Education Teacher, New York
This was a well constructed workshop. I learned more from this because of the pace of presentation, varied presentation medium (talking, videos, text), and reflection time than I have learned from any other online education presentation.
Amelia Charles
Certified Life Science Education Teacher, Arkansas

The Blueprint

Professional Development

5 Proven Practices that Help Close the Achievement Gap

The National Education Association defines achievement gaps as “the differences in academic performance between groups of students of different backgrounds.” They explain that groups experiencing achievement gaps include racial and ethnic minorities, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students from low-income families.  The achievement gap is not just a

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Professional Development
Jaci Fong

Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning

Curriculum standards, school district guidelines, and educational technology are constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for educators to keep up with the best practices and the latest trends of the teaching industry. The Problem That’s not all, the nation is currently grappling from a shortage of teachers. According to the

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Professional Development
Jaci Fong

Reducing Cheating in Online Learning

Academic honesty is one of the core values of the American educational system. From Pre-K to Ph.D., it’s essential that students, pupils, and learners do their own work with demonstrated honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, detecting and preventing cheating has become increasingly difficult in the era of online learning.   Thankfully,

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