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Best Practices for Teaching Twice Exceptional Students Pt 1


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Clerisy Architect: Lisa J. Clark

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Danielson Framework: Domain 2 (Classroom Environment)

Workshop Description: 

As teachers, we strive to help students realize their potential.  While all students come to us with a variety of needs, students with disabilities present significant challenges. Students who are classified as twice exceptional, students who simultaneously have one or more disabilities and high aptitude or giftedness, bring unique and complicated needs to learning environments.
In this workshop, participants will: Develop an understanding of what it means to be twice exceptional; learn how twice exceptional students differ from students with disabilities; identify evidence-based strategies and best practices to facilitate learning experiences for twice exceptional students; recognize how the integration of technology may be used to support learners; and select a strategy and develop a lesson or activity that they can use with students during their next class.

Learning Objective:

  • Identify characteristics of twice exceptional students
  • Describe students’ strengths and challenges
  • Identify instructional techniques to support challenges

Publications Highlighted: Twice Exceptional Students with Disabilities, Level 1: Introductory Source Book, Colorado Department of Education; NYSED: Federal Guidance on Students with Disabilities (2015); U.S. Department of Education Field Memo on Students with Disabilities with High Cognition (2015); National Association for Gifted Children, Twice-Exceptional at Home and School; Twice Exceptional Gifted Children (2011) by Beverly Trails; Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship, Vol 7(2) June 2018, Strategies for Supporting Students who are Twice Exceptional by Josephsen, Wolfgang, Mehrenberg; JRTE Technology in Gifted Education: A Review of Best Practices and Empirical Research (2012) Periathiruvadi, Rinn, ISTE; Montgomery Public Schools, A Guidebook for Twice Exceptional Students; 2e TEDx Talk; Twice Exceptional Students; Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson