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Cultivating Trauma-Informed Classroom Practices



Trauma affects your classroom environment, student behavior, and achievement, and you may not even be aware of it. Research shows almost all students suffer from at least one ACE. Explore the seen and hidden impacts of trauma and learn how to leverage four trauma-informed care practices to create a classroom environment designed for optimal learning.


Length of Workshop: 120 minutes

Essential Question:

What impact on learning and Student Emotional IQ does embedding Trauma-Informed principles have when included in daily instructional practice?

Learning Objectives:

  • I will be able to define trauma and analyze its impact on education
  • I will be able to identify the six trauma-informed principles.
  • I will be able to create and implement Trauma-informed instructional strategies in both the traditional and  virtual setting


Danielson Framework:

  • 1. Planning and Preparation
  • 2. Classroom Environment
  • 4. Professional Responsibilities