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Digital Resource Curation and Implementation


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Clerisy Architects: Jaci Fong

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Publications Highlighted: The Supplemental Curriculum Bazaar: Is What’s Online Any Good?” by Morgan Polikoff with Jennifer Dean, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, December 2019;; Marshall Memo Number 816, December 16, 2019;,; Teaching Students to Communicate Mathematically by Laney Sammons, 2018; Expeditionary Learning, Appendix: Protocols and Resources, August 2013;; Elliott, S.N., Kratochwill, T.R., Littlefield Cook, J. & Travers, J. (2000). Educational psychology: Effective teaching, effective learning (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill College.; Honebein, P. C. (1996). Seven goals for the design of constructivist learning environments. Constructivist learning environments: Case studies in instructional design, 11-24.; UK’s National Foundation for Educational Research report(NFER 2007);

Danielson Framework: Domain 1 (Planning and Preparation)

Workshop Description:

Feel like you spend hours trolling the internet for just the right lesson activity for your students or always just go right to Teachers Pay Teachers? We will explore how to scaffold learning through non-worksheet activities to enhance student learning and shift the classroom from teacher-led to student-ownership of learning.  Participants will develop a toolbox of digital resources and best practices for turning any digital content into a learning experience with students.

Learning Objective:

  • I will have developed a repository of protocols to support student engagement with digital resources.
  • I will have curated at least three new methods for implementing digital resources without using the copier for my next upcoming unit.