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Premier – Annual Subscription provides educators the opportunity for unlimited access to Clerisy’s asynchronous Professional Development workshops.

With the purchase of Premier – Annual Subscription, school administrators have the opportunity to monitor workshop completion, identify popular topics to inform future training, and track educator credit hours. With unlimited access, educators can choose content most impactful for their content area and student population anytime, from any location.

To learn more about how teachers can best utilize an Annual Subscription, visit our FAQ above.

  • How often is new content added to Clerisy’s PD Platform?
    A. All content created on Clerisy is written by active, licensed educators. Content is added to the platform as soon as an educator completes designing and recording their workshop. Additional content is being added frequently to keep up to date with current educational trends and policies.
  • Can annual subscription holders access their earned certificates after their subscription expires?
    A. Of course! At the end of an annual subscription if a user does not renew, their account transitions to a basic account holder. This removes access to unlimited workshops but provides access to all completed certificates, completion data, and free content.
  • Are the professional development workshops my educators complete on the Clerisy platform earn hours towards state license requirements?
    A. Each state has its own renewal requirements for educators. To learn more about your state requirements and whether Clerisy is an approved provider, visit the State Approvals page.
  • Where can I find support while utilizing Clerisy?
    A. On the button right of all pages on Clerisy’s website and PD platform you will see a blue chat button. Our team is standing by to offer support as needed!  
  • Do Clerisy or I enroll and monitor my educator rosters?

    A. School administrators have full control to enroll, remove, and monitor users through their personal Clerisy account. In your “My Account” page, you will have direct access to the tools and features to oversee your users’ access.

  • What additional content is available to annual subscription holders?

    A. All current and future asynchronous workshops in the following categories are available to users during the time their subscription is active;

      • Instructional Best Practices,
      • Student Supports,
      • English language learners,
      • Content Design and Implementation,
      • Virtual Pedagogy in Practice, and
      • Instructional Technology Shorts.