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Empowering Champions (Bulk-Bundle)

$20 per licence for 100 users

(must be bundled with Social Emotional Learning for the 21st Century Student)
$20.00 per license for 100 users


All teachers have been introduced to some type of SEL program, and either that program was not implemented correctly or teachers did not have success,  Empowering Champions is not a program, but rather a mindshift. In this workshop, teachers will commit themselves to change in a growth mindset. They will let go of all their preconceived notions of what SEL might have been, and commit to the understanding that SEL is a commitment to growing your students’ social-emotional IQ as much as your emotional IQ.


Essential Question:

How can I commit to a change in mindshift in Social-Emotional well-being to become a change agent and empower champions?


Learning Objectives:

  • will be able to shift my mindset about SEL 
  • I will be able to identify my SEL strengths and weaknesses
  • I will be able to create their own contract  and plan to foster their own SEL pledge to students


Danielson Framework:

  1. Planning and Preparation
  2. Classroom Environment
  3. Instruction
  4. Professional Responsibilities