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Essential Classroom Assessment: Exit Tickets



Clerisy Architect: Hayley Spira-Bauer

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Publications Highlighted: Blooms, B.S. (1956). Taxonomy of educational objectives– The classification of educational goals – Handbook 1: Cognitive Domain. London: Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd.; “Gaining Understanding on What Your Students Know” Edutopia.  Accessed 13 January 2020.;Marzano, Robert J. (2012). Art and Science of Teaching/The Many Uses of Exit Slips.; Panadero, E., Botella, J. and Jonsson, A. (2017). Effects of self-assessment on self-regulated learning and self-efficacy: Four meta-analyses. Educational Research Review, 22, 74-98.; Vygotsky, L. S. (1978). Mind in society: The development of higher psychological processes. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.; Zook, Chris.  “Formative vs. Summative Assessments: What’s the Difference?”  Accessed 13 January 2020.

Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instruction)

Workshop Description: 

Have you ever asked yourself through what sorcery the most effective teachers identify individual student struggles to tailor instruction? If so, please join me for this professional development workshop to learn the exact type of magic the best teachers use to help every student achieve at their highest potential:  EXIT TICKETS.   Through the exploration of lauded assessment research, this session will help you understand the purpose and potential of exit tickets AND will introduce innovative techniques and tools to help you create your own.