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Keeping Students Organized in the Virtual Classroom


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Clerisy Architect: Emily Jones

Length of Workshop: 30 minutes

Publications Highlighted:

The Impact of Study Skills and Organizational Methods on Student Achievement –  Gambill, Jill M.; Moss, Lauralee A.; Vescogni, Christie D., 2008; Executive Function Fact Sheet – National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD); How to Make Digital Interactive Notebooks – Chalkboard Creations; Free Digital Notebooks for Google Slides or PowerPoint – Slides Mania; Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them – Ditch That Textbook; myHomework Student Planner –; Digital Student Planner – Engaging & Effective Teaching; Student Weekly Planner Organizer Outline / Distance Learning – Teacher Ready Go; Google Classroom: Online Student Planner – The Source; Early Elementary Weekly Planner Sheet – Knowledgeable Nugget; Education Week– Bitmoji classrooms; Bitmoji Resources – Teachers Pay Teachers; Building a Bitmoji Classroom – TheMerrillsEDU; Bitmoji Craze for Educators – Facebook Group; Setting up a bitmoji classroomPadlet –

Danielson Framework: Domain 1 (Planning & Preparation), Domain 2 (Classroom Environment), Domain 3 ( Instruction) Domain 4 (Professional Development)

Workshop Description:

Studies have shown time and again that students do their best with consistent structure and protocols. Setting up those processes in a virtual setting requires a specific plan to monitor, support, and build those organization systems for students. More importantly, those systems should be adaptable for both virtual and brick and mortar classrooms for hybrid learning situations. Join Emily today as she introduces the importance of organization and shares strategies for implementing digital notebooks, bitmoji classroom, and virtual student planners adaptable by student age groups.

Learning Objectives:

  • I will be able to understand why organization is important to model for my students in various modalities.
  • I will be able to identify different tools and resources for organization for best practice in a digital setting.
  • I will be able to choose one tool from today to begin implementing in my digital classroom to best support my students