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Literacy Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom


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Clerisy Architect: Michael Hughson

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Publications Highlighted: Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, by D. Buehl (2014, 4th Ed.); Texts and Lessons for Content-area Reading, by H. Daniels & N, Stieneke (2011); Comprehending Math: Adapting Reading Strategies to Teach Mathematics, by A. Hyde (2006)

Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instruction)

Workshop Description: 

Literacy strategies are used to deepen reading comprehension across all content areas. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to use literacy strategies in the Mathematics classroom setting. This professional development takes a close look at 6 strategies and how they can be implemented in any unit in a Mathematics course. Viewers will be walked through each strategy, an example of a Mathematics application, and have the opportunity to create mini-lessons using the literacy strategies that can be incorporated into their future mathematics lessons.

Learning Objective:

  1. I can develop understanding and identify literacy strategies to use in the mathematics classroom.