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Managing Stress Around School Breaks


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Clerisy Architect: Katria Karimzada

Length of Workshop: 30 minutes

Publications Highlighted: Bad Behavior Before Break: Helping Students Cope with No School; How much does stress affect learning of stress on academic performance of students in different streams;  Stress symptoms: Effects on your body and behavior;  25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children and Teens Breaks Bank; How to Take Stress Out of the Holidays You Can Help Your Students Cope With Holiday Stress Tips to Help Students Manage Anxiety and Stress During the Holidays to Introduce Meditation to the High School Classroom Stress and Health;  How Teachers’ Stress Affects Students: A Research Roundup Boost Activities 

Danielson Framework: 2 ( Classroom Environment) & 4 (Professional Development)

Workshop Description:

This workshop guides Educators through the exploration of the essential question “How does managing the stress around school breaks affect students and the classroom environment?” By looking closely at stress and its impact on children, join Katria as she shares instructional strategies to help support stress relief for students before entering into a school break. Focus is on student home lives and the possibility of trauma associated with a break from the structures of school and the direct impact that Teacher stress has on the classroom environment.


Learning Objectives:

  • Teachers will be able to identify key indicators of student trauma or stress surrounding an upcoming school break.
  • Teachers will be able to learn new instructional strategies and activities to help students manage stress.
  • Teachers will be reminded of the need for self-care to best support themselves during times of high stress.