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Generative Vocabulary Instruction


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Clerisy Architect: Debbie Godsen DePalma

Length of Workshop:  60 minutes

Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instruction)

Workshop Description:

Research widely shows vocabulary knowledge affects students’ ability to comprehend and, ultimately, their desire to read. Vocabulary learning is an enormous and often daunting task. It is estimated that English-speaking students will encounter around 150,000 different words during their school careers.  Well known researcher Elfrieda Hiebert has revolutionized vocabulary instruction. She ascertains that to successfully understand complex texts, students need to be able to generate the meanings of new words, based on their knowledge about how words work in English. In line with this thinking, teaching words in clusters of ideas, students can learn many more words. By making the connections among words rather than teaching them individually, students are gaining the vocabulary awareness that allows them to approach unknown words with confidence and knowledge.  This can be applied to ANY text you are using!

Learning Objective:

  • I will be able to understand the elements of  generative vocabulary
  • I will be able to determine how to best use this instruction with your students
  • I will be able to develop a plan for implementation in order to promote student success.

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