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Individual Workshop Access - $40 per user/workshop



Individual Workshop Access provides the opportunity to provide direct access to one faculty member to an asynchronous professional development on Clerisy’s PD Learning Platform

With the purchase of Individual Workshop Access, school administrators have the opportunity to enroll teachers in Clerisy’s asynchronous professional development workshops that are specific to their professional growth. With one purchased license, a single teacher may be registered to a single workshop. With multiple licenses purchased you can enroll multiple teachers in the same workshop, or to different workshops.

Once a teacher is enrolled in their first Clerisy workshop, they will also receive full access to all Instructional Technology Shorts and an additional one-hour PD, Writing Across the Curriculum, for additional credit towards their license renewal.

To learn more about how to best utilize your User Licenses visit our FAQ above.

  • Will I be able to see and track my purchase to know how many licenses I have left?

    A: Yes through the “Wallet” located in your account. Your “Wallet” will provide you with your personal balance and transaction history to monitor your remaining licenses and top-up when required.

  • How will a teacher be notified when they are enrolled in a course?

    A: Once you register a teacher in a Clerisy Workshop they will receive a notification email. This email will provide directions on how to get started if they are first-time users as well as a link to access the course for already-registered users.

  • I have ordered Individual Workshop Access, now what?

    A: Congratulations! You can visit our Courses page to view available workshops and enroll members of your faculty who may benefit from their content.

  • Do I already need to have an account with Clerisy to purchase this product?

    A: No, you do not already have a personal account with Clerisy PD you will be prompted to create one during check-out. If you already have one you can sign in during the process to ensure your purchase is added to your account.