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Lee County ELM- Ensuring Student Success in Distance Learning


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August 25th, 2020
11 AM – 2 PM EST


Kendra Cooper

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Event Details:

By analyzing best practices of distance learning, teachers will develop instructional practices designed to ensure student success through the integration of new technologies and adapting current course materials. Throughout the workshop, a returning focus will be on assessments to guide teachers on best practices for remote learning to better monitor student progress and design authentic assessment opportunities to evaluate student learning. This workshop will explore Distance Learning with an emphasis on ways to utilize Nearpod, Google Classroom, and Zoom’s features and tools to best support student learning and data collection to inform teacher instructional planning.

Meet the Presenter:

Kendra Cooper is a passionate and driven educator and trainer with 15 years of experience in education, and leadership in adult and K-12 education and non-profit organizations. She has strong expertise in science education, curriculum, and instruction and creating improving educational and community programs. Kendra passionately believes that it is important to teach students in a way that they are able to apply what they have learned to real-life experiences and become thriving adults. She also believes that competent teachers find ways to modify and adjust their teaching strategies, lesson planning, and vary instruction to teach the content so that the students “get it”.