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Mirrors and Windows



Clerisy Architect: Michele Heyward

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Workshop Description:

When you look into your mirror what do you see outside your window? How do you see the world? This presentation is designed to help educators reflect on who we are and who we need to become embracing students of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We will explore Rudine Sims Bishop’s foundational research in culturally relevant teaching to develop learning experiences that provide opportunities for students to see themselves, respect each other differences, and understand the uniqueness of the world we live in. Through the lens of culturally responsive teaching, we take a deep dive into integrating social-emotional awareness and apply it to all aspects of learning.

Danielson Framework: 1 (planning and preparation), 2 (classroom environment), 3 (instruction)

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to explain and identify the educational theory of Mirror and Windows.
  • Participants will analyze their current practices and identify areas in need of improvement.
  • Participants will create ways to add mirrors and windows into their teaching pedagogy & curriculum.


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