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Strategies for Scaffolding Instruction for ELLS in Content Classroom


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Clerisy Architect: Richard Atkins

Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instruction)

Workshop Description: 
Grow your ELL toolkit by learning new strategies and ways for scaffolding instruction to make content more accessible for English Language Learners in your classroom. After exploring research-based, field-tested approaches used by seasoned ESL teachers, participants will reflect on their current practices to identify areas to make learning more accessible to all students. The strategies and best practices shared during this training will strengthen Educator efficacy while supporting student success everyday.

Learning Objective:

  • I will better understand the benefits of integrating scaffolding for student success.
  • I can identify when and how to utilize one or more of the five scaffolding strategies to adapt my lessons for ELLs.

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