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Teaching Outside the Norm



Clerisy Architect: Sabina Atic

Length of Workshop: 60 Minutes

Danielson Framework: Domain 3 (Instructional)

Workshop Description:

The workshop encompasses three major teaching techniques that aim to enrich the teaching process using minimum resources and focusing on students’ inherent ability to develop knowledge based on the methods of mental imagery and creative learning. It explores the way our brain perceives knowledge and stores it in a long-term memory. Theories are simple and can be applied in every aspect of teaching language. The first theory is explained in the book Imagine That written by  Jane Arnold, Herbert Puchta, and Mario Rinvolucri published by Cambridge University Press.

Learning Objective:

  •  Understand the theoretical framework and benefits of using the mental imagery in the classroom.
  • Explore the benefits and the importance of incorporating creative input into language acquisition.
  • Convert theoretical knowledge into practical skills
  • Broaden teacher’s horizons and encourage them to embrace innovative techniques


Publications Highlighted: Jane Arnold, Herbert Puchta, and Mario Rinvolucri: Imagine That, Cambridge University Press 2007; Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta, Scott Thornbury, Cambridge University Press 2007; Didier Anzieu: Psychoanalysis and Language. Paderborn 1982.; Marie-Louise Aucher: L’Homme sonore. Paris 1977, 2004.; Richard Batz, Waltraud Bufe: Modern language teaching methods. Theory and practice. Darmstadt 1991.; Jean Cureau, Branko Vuletic: Enseignement de la prononciation. The system verbo-tonal (SGAV) . Didier, Paris 1976.; Bernard Dufeu: La psychodramaturgie linguistique ou l’apprentissage de la langue par le vécu. In: Le français dans le monde. 175, février-mars 1983, pp. 36-45.Bernard Dufeu: Sur les chemins d’une pedagogie de l’être. Une approche psychodramaturgique de l’apprentissage des langues. Mainz 1992.; Bernard Dufeu: Teaching Myself . Oxford University Press, Oxford 1994.; Bernard Dufeu: Les approches non conventionnelles des langues étrangères . Hachette, Paris 1996.