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Vocabulary Acquisition in a Virtual Environment



Clerisy Architect: Hayley Spira-Bauer

Length of PD: 1 hour

Danielson Domain: 1 (Planning and Prep) & 3 (Instruction)

Workshop Description:

In the age of online learning how do we, as Educators, ensure students are engaged with and excited about learning vocabulary? In this professional development we will study the research of experts like Marzano, Biemeller and Boote, and online teaching and learning specialists. then develop the foundations for successful vocabulary instruction in your community, virtually. Dive into new ways of thinking, new tools, and new formats for vocabulary and walk away with a plan to immediately revolutionize your vocabulary instruction.

Learning Objective:

  • Understand the importance of explicit, routine vocabulary instruction
  • Develop replicable vocabulary teaching practices for virtual learning

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