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Equitable Student Supports Through Training
Provide your Educational Assistants with quality professional development regardless of hire date to ensure all students receive consistent, impactful support in the classroom.

Benefits of Providing Training through Clerisy

Personalized Training

Personalized Training Course

Select from half-hour courses to develop customized school training course

Unlimited enrollment (1)

Unlimited Enrollment

Ability to enroll new team members as hired throughout one calendar year

Customized Branding

Customized Branding

Opportunity to embed essential school policies and logo to personalize training

Reports & Analytics

Reports and Analytics Dashboard

Track user completion, monitor understanding, and collect user data

Mix and Match to create a Support Training just right for your school!

Teacher Aide Training

Stages of Childhood Development

As students grow, educators need to develop and adapt their strategies to meet the needs of their students. Identify the cognitive characteristics of development that influences learning at various stages of growth and development.

Teacher Aide Training

Fostering Student Independence

Reducing the level of required supports is the best gift we can give students. Learn how to help your students build personal support systems and reduce the level of dependency on you! No two students are the same and support tools will look different for each student. Build a catalog of tools and strategies to use to foster student independence in the classroom.

Teacher Aide Training

Tracking Student Progress

Tracking and monitoring student growth is essential to all academic growth and development. Design, implement, and incorporate progress monitoring tools that will allow you to track student’s IEP goals, academic goals, and behavior goals. Develop age-appropriate self-monitoring tools for students to take ownership of learning.

Teacher Aide Training

Vernacular for the 21st Century Student

It is critical for educators to understand the impact their language choices have when working with students. Learn how to foster an inclusive learning environment through positive language choices and assess how your current vernacular may be affecting students’ identity, mindset, and future goal setting.

Teacher Aide Training

Collaborating with a Co-Teacher

Co-teacher relationships influence the climate and culture of the classroom and have shown to be vital to the success of all students. Develop and strengthen your relationship with your co-teacher(s) through setting boundaries, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities to best support each other and your students.

Teacher Aide Training

Strategies for Challenging Student Behaviors

All student behaviors are the result of a triggering event. Build your support toolbox with proactive strategies and reactive solutions when faced with challenging situations. Learn how to identify student triggers, provide support during behaviors, and help students manage those behaviors to reduce disruptive behaviors in the future.

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