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Design PD Workshops

As a Clerisy Architect—a title we proudly brand our content curators—you’ll join Clerisy’s PD ecosystem where you’ll share your expertise in pedagogy with fellow Educators across the country through the ideation and development of PD workshops.

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Host Live, Virtual PD Events

Lead informative discussions about instructional best practices with Educators across the country by hosting a live, virtual event.. Clerisy’s online PD platform houses an array of workshop offerings that will spotlight YOU as the Virtual PD Presenter

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Partner with Clerisy

As a Clerisy Ambassador, not only will you earn extra income but you’ll expand your network and enhance your professional resume—all the while working on a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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Are you interested in collaborating with fellow Educators to help move the needle on student success within your content area? Did you know you could excel in your teaching career within the bustling market of EdTech?

From transferring your proven teaching practices into a PD workshop, and presenting effective teaching strategies in live virtual workshops, to helping build a community of teachers through virtual networking events, Clerisy was created by Educators, for Educators to empower their personal and professional growth. And your opportunity to grow is limitless when you join an entrepreneurial partnership with Clerisy!

Blueprint to Becoming a Clerisy PD Architect


Submit an application to verify your background in education and existing teacher licensure status.


A team member from Clerisy will provide details about creating your Clerisy account, and how to submit your PD proposal.


Design your presentation, create interactive workshop activities, and submit your final script for guidance review from a Clerisy PD Specialist.


Complete a voice-over for the asynchronous PD workshop from the comfort of home. 
Look forward to additional opportunities to share your PD with fellow Educators nationwide!

Deliverables to Create Your PD Workshop

Script & Presentation

Content Meeting the Highest Standards 


Workshops Recorded When Convenient for You

Lead Live Workshops
as a Virtual PD Presenter

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Host live, virtual PD events where you’ll lead informative discussions about instructional best practices with Educators across the country. 

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Present your own PD content, or content developed by Clerisy PD Specialists, directly to school districts upon request.

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Accept opportunities as they fit your schedule!

Partner with Clerisy as a
Brand Ambassador to Maximize Your Earnings!

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Earn extra income while enhancing your resume, and expanding your network with fellow Educators and school leaders making an impact in the education space.

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Cultivate Educator communities within your teacher network through social media promoting Clerisy’s free teacher resources, PD events, and more. 

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Collaborate with Clerisy Team on new brand initiatives and offerings for teachers and school districts.

Become a Virtual Teacher with iTutor!

The demand is high for certified teachers to lead synchronous instruction for schools, and provide online tutoring to support struggling students.
Develop and hone your online teaching skills as an
iTutor Virtual Instructor through teaching assignments as they fit your schedule. Full-time and part-time are positions available.

Your Earning Potential with Clerisy

Clerisy PD Architect

  • $200 per published workshop creation
  • $75 per completed voiceover 

Live PD Presenter

  • $100 per hour hosting
  • $150 school consultation
  • Additional $75 upon school request

Clerisy Ambassador

  • 15% of all revenue generated 
  • Unlimited earning potential

iTutor Educator

  • Compensation based on assignment
  • Unlimited earning potential

What Teachers Are Saying About Clerisy!

“The expertise and guidance I received from the Clerisy team while creating my PD, far surpassed my expectations and have helped me to grow as a writer. The time spent on details to make my workshop a success was incredible.”
Gloria Hoffer
NY Spanish 7-12
My experience with the Clerisy team was exceptional. The process of writing, receiving feedback, and recording my PD was productive with flexible pacing that met the demands of my schedule. I look forward to developing my next PD and highly recommend the process to other educators!
Lisa Clark
NY, Birth-6, K-12 SPED & Gifted Education