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Why Professional Development Can be Transformational on Learning

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Curriculum standards, school district guidelines, and educational technology are constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for educators to keep up with the best practices and the latest trends of the teaching industry.

The Problem

That’s not all, the nation is currently grappling from a shortage of teachers. According to the Learning Policy Institute Teacher, the demand for grades K-12 teachers exceeded supply in public schools by 100,000 in 2019. This was further exacerbated by burnouts caused by the pandemic and a high number of retirements from the field.

Why Teachers Need Personal Development

With the problems stated above, the importance of professional development for teachers cannot be understated – for their professional growth and the student. Moreover, professional development makes teachers become better educators as it allows them to create personalized and relevant course instructions for students.

To buttress this point, the Institute of Education Sciences from the Department of Education disclosed that a student can improve by 21 percentile points because of the participation of teachers in well-designed professional development programs.

With professional development, teachers can now learn the latest teaching methods, which allow them to change their curricula and lecture styles to suit the student’s needs. On the other hand, professional development also exposes teachers to new record-keeping strategies, delivery methods, and evaluation styles

In most cases, students believe teachers are experts on the topics they teach. For this reason, they expect teachers to answer all/any questions they ask. By undergoing professional development programs, teachers can increase their knowledge base in various subject areas. Most importantly, teachers who undergo professional development courses have more industry insight and knowledge than their peers.

We all know teachers spend a lot of time on paperwork, curriculum development, and student evaluation. This does not include the number of hours they spend in the classroom. This means that time management is very important for teachers.

By getting the proper professional development training, teachers can better organize and plan their time adequately. This way, they are more efficient and have more time to pay attention to the student(s) instead of paperwork.

Mission-Driven Product

Due to how important professional development is for teachers, a group of educators came together to create Clerisy, a high-quality, easily accessible, and free professional development platform.

At Clerisy, we believe that the best professional development training should be available to all educators. There is no denying that the success of a student is hinged on the growth of educators. For this reason, all educators should have access to a professional learning community they can learn from and share knowledge regardless of location.

We are also committed to expanding the pool of educators nationwide to ensure all students are given the best level of instruction possible. With a quickly expanding catalog of professional development workshops on offer, teachers can now complete credits towards their licensure renewal requirements at no cost, earn additional income by sharing best practices all while increasing their impact on the lives of each student they work with.

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